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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Get Your Wedding checklist Printable PDF Format

It is really important that you make a wedding checklist before preparing for your dream wedding.Wait ...Don't freak out,its not as difficult as you think.Actually we will help you to create an awesome list with in minutes.Also we are providing our wedding checklist printable version at the end of this post.SO CHEER up!!!

The main advantage of creating a checklist before wedding was that you can control the order of things and this in turn reduces the confusion and results in lesser stress.But it is also very important to include all the necessary things on the list.That is why we had arrange the list of most common things to arrange before marriage.

Wedding Checklist (with printable version)

Engagement Checklist: Planning a wedding checklist starts with planning for engagement.Engagement is the first step towards planning wedding.Here are the things you should include in your engagement list
  1. Select the Engagement Ring
  2. Party Venue and Food
  3. Beverage Choices
  4. Choose the photographer for Function
  5. Invitation
Hoping that everything works great in the engagement now is the time for planning for the inevitable.Just kidding :).

  • Hire the wedding planner(Optional if you are doing the planning yourself)
  • Choose the wedding venue : Ensure that you visit the venue in person before finalizing the decision
  • Plan the estimate wedding Budget: Always keep the wedding budget printable copy since you need to take frequent copies.
  • Hiring the professionals: This was one of the most time consuming part since it involves finding the best person for the corresponding job.Always use the feedback and input from friends and advisers before selecting them.The different sections to hire are video grapher,Music,florist,food,decoration,photographer etc
  • Find the wedding night destination 
  • Hair and Makeup arrangement
  • Honeymoon arrangements

These are some of the important wedding plan checklists that you should not miss.There are also some other things to take care of too.We listed them also here.

  • Wedding Dress selection: These includes in selecting the ornaments as well.Also choose your dress for various other outfits for party,night etc.
  • Wedding websites(Optional) Even though this is optional it allows you to have a good coordination.
  • Prepare all the required paperworks regarding the marriage.Contact a good agency for this.
  • Choose your favorite wedding hairstyle,refer the web for some great wedding hairstyle ideas.
  • Shoes for the wedding
Now ur wedding checklist printable version also includes some after the wedding things too.These are the things that comes last on the wedding checklist timline but was very crucial indeed.People so often stop their planning after the wedding,but actually there are some things that you have to take care even after the wedding ceremony.Some of the things are
  • Sending the thank you notes to the guest
  • Wedding budget evaluation
  • Changing the insurance agreement to include the spouse
  • Name changing paperwork's
  • Wedding gown preservation.
People so often miss some of the crucial things in their planning and suffer the last time panic.Always plan your wedding ahead so that you know what was happening.Be a good manager of things and dont forget to include your spouse in all the process which will make it more enjoyable.Download the wedding checklist printable pdf format here.

Wishing you all the best for the wedding.


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